Terms and conditions

1. General terms and conditions
  1. AMS Shuttle & Tours and Choose Your Tour further to be referred to as a tour operator is located at Nieuwe Hemweg 7P | R712B, 1013 BG Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 34161142;;
  2. The buyer of a ticket is the person on whom his / her name the ticket has been booked. This person is also the contact person for the booking, even if a tour/tranfer is booked with several people.
  3. Every person on a tour is obliged to bring a passport or ID card.
2. Booking a shuttle or transfer
  1. Each transfer must be booked up to 72 hours before arrival or departure from your location.
  2. The shuttle service must be booked 7 days before the arrival or departure from your location.
  3. Before confirming your booking, always check carefully that you have booked the correct number of people, taking into account adults and children, participating. Wrongfully booked tranfers are not refundable.
  4. You will be picked up at Departure Hall 3, if you go from the arrival hall to the first floor with the elevator or stairs, you will arrive at departure hall 3. You will be picked up at door 
  5. It is possible to be picked up from the gate where you arrive, we charge extra costs for this.
  6. For the amusementpark transfer, the meeting point is located in arrival hall 4 opposite the Starbucks. You can take a seat there until you are picked up. Our driver shows a sign with your name.
3. Prices and payment
  1. All offers made by the tour operator are without obligation and tour operator expressly reserves the right to change the prices, in particular if this is necessary as a result of statutory or other regulations.
  2. All prices are indicated in euros, including VAT.
  3. For each booking a fixed  rate of 5,5 % over the total amount will be charged for service costs.
  4. Child rates apply for children from 0 to 12.
  5. All prices are based on group transport, unless stated otherwise.
  6. All online bookings can be paid with PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create it via Paypal. PayPal also offers the method of paying by creditcard, please read the instructions on the  PayPal screen.
4. Tickets
  1. After successful booking and payment, you will receive an email.  In this email your confirmation and ticket for the transfer will be attached.
  2. Not using one or more pre-purchased tickets is for your own account and risk; the admission ticket is only valid for a certain time and/or date. For possible rebooking of a pre-purchased ticket, please contact AMS Shuttle & Tours, we will inform you about the options and additional costs.
5. Cancellations and returns
  1. If you cancel your ticket 72 hours or more before departure time of your transfer, you will receive a 50% refund minus the service costs.
  2. If you cancel your ticket less than 72 hours  before departure time  of your transfer,  you will receive no refund.
  3. If there are not enough bookings for a particular shuttle transfer, AMS Shuttle & Tours  will contact you to look at other options with you. If no other options are available, AMS Shuttle & Tours reserves the right to cancel this transfer. You will receive a full refund
6. Complaints and liability
  1. The tour operator cannot, in any circumstance, be held responsible for any accident, personal injury, delay, irregularity, loss and or theft of belongings and hand-baggage. That is why we recommend that you take your belongings with you.
  2. In case of complaints you can contact AMS Shuttle & Tours.
  3. AMS Shuttle & Tours is not responsible for miscommunication on the basis of language. The website will be translated using Google Translate, but we cannot guarantee that all text is translated correctly. The basic language on the website is English. If there is something you do not understand on our website, you can contact us in time by email , we will do our best to help you.
7. Privacy
  1. We use an SSL Certificate on our website. This secures that the connection between your computer and our server encrypted.
  2. Our website does not use third party cookies. If you still want to disable the use of cookies, you can do so in the settings of your browser.
  3. AMS Shuttle & Tours collect the following data from the user and this data will be used to to carry out the booked service properly.
    1. First and last name;
    2. E-mail address;
    3. (mobile) telephone number;
    4. Information provided by PayPal;
  4. AMS Shuttle & Tours stores your data up to 1 year.
  5. AMS Shuttle & Tours will not use the stored data to to perform acquisition with in the future, unless you  have given permission in writing.
  6. For the financial settlement of your booking we work with Paypal. As a result, PayPal's privacy rules apply to the payment and retention of data. Please check the PayPal page in your country for the correct privacy rules.
  7. AMS Shuttle & Tours does its utmost to ensure that your data is properly secured and has appropriate measures. We have security measures in place to protect your data. The security measures that we use depend on the type of information we collect. Only those persons for that whoever is required by virtue of his or her function, will have access to the computers on which the data of the users are saved. The computers are equipped with security systems and access codes. our company policy.
  8. AMS Shuttle & Tours reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Statement. The users are hereby encouraged to regularly review the privacy policy of AMS Shuttle & Tours in relation to amendments.